SWEDBOARD® SB Fibre and DISPA® protect healthy, resilent forests

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This week is marked as FSC® Forest Week 2022. During this week, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) highlights the value of forests and how choosing sustainably-sourced products can help create resilient forests for the future.

Chain of custody certification is how the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) verifies that forest-based materials produced according to their rigorous standards are credibly used along the product’s path from the forest to becoming finished goods. The FSC® system is a proven, impactful method to prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity, and protect human rights.

At 3A Composites Display Europe, we are committed to sustainability. Therefore, we take pride in enlarging our portfolio with products that offer outstanding environmental properties and meet FSC® certification requirements. Within our comprehensive portfolio, there are two products which are 100% paper-based: SWEDBOARD® SB Fibre and DISPA®.

SWEDBOARD® SB Fibre is one of our latest product portfolio extensions. SWEDBOARD® SB Fibre is an FSC®-certified (FSC® C147499) and fully recyclable rigid paperboard which is offered in different variations. SWEDBOARD® SB Fibre is the product of choice for many applications in visual communication where flatness, rigidity and environmentally friendly properties are required.

SWEDBOARD® SB Fibre adds excellently to another sustainable product of our family, - DISPA®. DISPA® is an eco-friendly paperboard for screen and digital printing. It is completely made of FSC® certified paper (FSC® C127595) and is 100% recyclable. The unique structure of DISPA® offers outstanding properties and as a paper product, the boards can easily and inexpensively be disposed of as waste paper.

The FSC® label on SWEDBOARD® SB Fibre and DISPA® signals that the materials used during their production have met the chain of custody requirements at every step in the supply chain, from sourcing to distribution.

When you choose FSC®-certified products, you are helping to take care of forests for future generations.

Choose Forests. Choose FSC.