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Recycling system for aluminium composite panels in Germany

We are the first manufacturer of aluminium composite panels in Europe to have established a recycling system for the return of our aluminium composite materials in Germany.

Collecting and recycling the material is carried out in cooperation with our strong partners in the A|U|F. This association of German metal construction companies, system houses and other companies, organizes a closed-loop recycling system to deal with the aluminium used in the window, door and façade sectors.

Recycling is one more component in our MISSION: TOGETHER. RESPONSIBLE. and it emphasises our lasting commitment to society and to the environment. We aim to recover as much material from our panels as possible at the end of their service life and to reuse this material in our production process.

Initially, the option of returning our aluminium composite panels will start in Germany and will soon be extended to include other European countries and other products.

By working with partners in the A|U|F, we can ensure that, at the end of their service life, our products are recycled in an appropriate manner and, as a result, resources are conserved.

Notizie Dettagli Sostenibilità 3A Composites GmbH


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Notizie Dettagli Sostenibilità 3A Composites GmbH


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