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April 28th 2022: 3A Composites strengthens its product portfolio in the Display business with a natural fibre board production in Sweden by simultaneously signing and closing an agreement to become a 25% shareholder of Swedboard International AB via a direct capital increase. The minority stake in Swedboard forms the basis of a strategic partnership with a leading environmentally friendly paperboard producer, with the possibility of ultimately taking over the remaining 75% of the shares of the company from mid-2024 on.

Swedboard International AB, based in Katrineholm, Sweden, is an innovative company, producing and marketing environmentally friendly boards for the graphic display business. Swedboard manufactures three major categories of boards. SB Fibre is a FSC® certified, CO2 negative, rigid paperboard which is offered in different variations. SB Composite is a lightweight foam board and SB Solid Premium is a fully food compliant, white paperboard.

The excellent environmentally friendly position of Swedboard fits perfectly to the range of 3A Composites’ sustainable products and adds excellently to the well growing DISPA® sheet business which 3A Composites introduced as its first printing substrate completely made of FSC® certified paper. This enlargement of the Display portfolio will bring a positive effect as well to the recently launched FIVE-DOT-MISSION sustainability program.

3A Composites has successfully established a position as a leading manufacturer of materials for visual communication, interior design and industrial applications. The addition of Swedboard will further strengthen the 3A Composites Display product portfolio beginning in Europe as Swedboard is the product of choice for many applications in visual communication where flatness, rigidity and environmentally friendly properties are required. 3A Composites welcomes Swedboard at its booth during the FESPA in Berlin, which takes place from 31st May – 3rd June 2022.