Lightness in alu-look.

HYLITE® is an aluminium composite panel with a polypropylene core and aluminium cover layers. HYLITE®, the world’s thinnest composite panel with thicknesses of 1.2 mm and 2 mm, offers another special feature: the panel’s core material can provide a hinge function, which withstands repeated bending without damage. This function is achieved by milling grooves at the same position into both outer aluminium skins. RWTÜV testing has shown that the hinge application is unimpaired even after 80.000 bends. The sheets are used in various business sectors. For instance, in the office supply industry (office articles such as high-quality CD cases, files, book spines and laptop holders), in the automotive industry (car owner’s manuals), or as bicycle mudguards, high-end packaging and presentation cases.

  • World's thinnest composite panel
  • Available in 1.2 mm and 2 mm thicknesses
  • Core material can provide a hinge function
  • Wide range of possible applications
HYLITE® 3A Composites GmbH

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HYLITE® 3A Composites GmbH


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