Sustanability-Stories from 3A Composites: Acrylic sheets made from 100 % recycled material

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At 3A Composites, we are continuously looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact – so you can focus on your business priorities without compromising sustainability. The ever-increasing demand for resources means it is crucial that we find ways to reduce waste and reuse what is already available. That is why sustainability is a key priority in our new corporate strategy:

News Details 3A Composites GmbH

As a team we create and offer products and functional solutions which make the world safer, more beautiful and more sustainable.



We develop, produce and promote high quality polymer sheets, light-weight paper boards and aluminium composite materials. By 2035, the manufacture of our products will be carbon neutral, 100 % recyclable and will provide solutions with a minimal environmental footprint.




Mission statement

I would like to introduce myself: My name is Haro Coolen, I have been working for 3A Composites for 10 years and I am now the new person responsible for push and streamline sustainability activities at 3A Composites in Europe.

In agreement with our management, we have defined four fields of action to bring our mission to life.

News Details 3A Composites GmbH
News Details 3A Composites GmbH

Fields of action

Reducing our carbon footprint
Achieving carbon neutrality is an incredibly ambitious goal. This means that we are continuously working to reduce emissions in all areas of our business activities as well as along our value chain.

Developing sustainable & innovative products
At 3A Composites, our special focus has always been on “research & development”. Our engineers are passionate about making existing products better or creating new products that offer our customers greater benefits in terms of quality, functionality, processing, environmental impact and life cycle.

Advancing circular economy
In terms of sustainability, one of the most important aspects is contributing to environmental protection by saving valuable raw materials and avoiding waste. In addition to pre-consumer recycling, which is practiced in our sites, we want to enable options for recycling the panels after they have been in use.

Forstering profitable growth with customers and employees
Our focus is firmly on our customers and their needs. In the process of working towards the best possible products and first rate solutions for their applications, we are able to innovate and break new ground together. The great dedication and passion which our employees invest in their work form the basis of this success.

From now on, I would like to share with you our #sustainabilitystories from one of these four fields of action at regular intervals.

You are welcome to share your suggestions and feedback with me via e-mail at

Haro Coolen
Director Sustainability 3A Composites Europe


Acrylic sheets made from 100% recycled material

CRYLUX®re and PERSPEX®re are acrylic sheet materials which are made using 100% recycled methyl methacrylate (rMMA), obtained from PMMA scraps and waste. The rMMA is gained from depolymerisation of acrylic sheets and liquid waste coming from our own production.

The recycled material can be reused (over and over again), which not only saves raw materials, but also prevents waste. The depolymerisation takes place in Europe, within close range of our production plants, meaning the carbon footprint is minimized due to the short transport routes.

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