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Поиск продукта
Поиск продукта
  • Творчество
  • Декоративное освещение
  • Цифровая печать
  • Дисплеи (POS/POP)
  • Изготовление выставочных стендов
  • Изготовление мебели
  • Остекление | потолочное освещение
  • Внутренняя отделка
  • надпись
  • Перегородки | облицовочные панели
  • Трафаретная печать
  • Оформление торговых помещений
  • Вывески
  • Чистота
  • Простая обработка
  • Большой выбор поверхностей
  • Трудновоспламеняемый
  • Безвреден для пищевых продуктов
  • Пластичность
  • Степень глянцевости
  • Стойкость к атмосферным воздействиям
  • Ударная вязкость
  • Светопроницаемость
  • Маленькая масса
  • Собственная жесткость
  • Стойкость к воздействию УФ-излучения
  • Большой диапазон температур применения
  • Акриловое стекло (PMMA)
  • Алюминиевая композитная панель
  • Бумага
  • PET
  • Полікарбанат
  • PVC
  • Стирол
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3A Composites Display Europe, an international division of the 3A Composites Group and part of Schweiter Technologies AG, is active internationally. We are the leading manufacturer of sheet materials for the field of visual communication, along with the Polycasa Group and Perspex International Ltd.

Thanks to a diversified range of products that include DIBOND® aluminium composite sheets, FOREX® and FOAMALITE® rigid foam plastic sheets, KAPA®, FOAM-X®, SMART-X® and GATORFOAM® lightweight foamboards, DISPA® paper boards, LUMEX® and HIPEX® PET sheets as well as PERSPEX®, CRYLUX™, CRYLON® and AKRYLON® acrylic glass sheets and IMPEX® polycarbonate sheets we can offer our customers a unique and perfectly coordinated range of products – and everything is from a single source.

The main areas of application for our products include: digital and screen printing, exhibition booth construction and shop fitting, interior and shop design, photomounting as well as signage, POS / POP displays and furniture construction.

Thanks to a worldwide network of producers and dealers, our branded products are available at short notice in more than 80 countries. This network is based on our partnership with leading distributors in the paper, plastics and metal sectors, who offer not only competent advice, but also services catering to the individual requirements of our customers.

We attach particular importance to sustainable manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly materials. Our goal is to ensure the prompt supply of innovative, top-quality products which are tailored to our customers’ needs.