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Six majestic PERSPEX® acrylic colours; rich, splendid and lustrous, with an aim to feed your imagination.

The PERSPEX® Royals convince with a luxury silk texture and a metallic shimmer effect.

Proving to be right on trend, PERSPEX® Royals colours exhibit a chromatic effect producing a colour shift across the surface as the viewing angle changes.

PERSPEX® Royals has all the excellent physical properties of our standard cell cast acrylic sheet. All six regal colours were specifically developed with the retail industry in mind to add luxury to product displays looking for that extra special touch.



SK 8PY0King George PurpleSK 8PY0
King George Purple
SK 4PY2King Henry RedSK 4PY2
King Henry Red
SK 7PY0Queen Elizabeth BlueSK 7PY0
Queen Elizabeth Blue
SK 6PY0Queen Isabelle GreenSK 6PY0
Queen Isabelle Green


SA 9PY5King Louis SilverSA 9PY5
King Louis Silver
SA 5PY8Queen Marie GoldSA 5PY8
Queen Marie Gold


Available upon request.

Colour Code Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
King Louis Silver SK 9PY5 3 2030 3050
King George Purple SK 8PY0 320303050
King Henry Red SK 4PY2 320303050
Queen Elizabeth Blue SK 7PY0 320303050
Queen Isabelle Green SK 6PY0 320303050
Queen Marie Gold SK 5PY8 320303050

Products on this page are not suitable for outdoor applications.
If you require a different colour, texture or thickness, please get in touch.
The colours visualised may vary from the original. To ensure exact colour matching please ask for a colour sample.