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VISION 20|30 by Floreeda Fabrications, UK – A PERSPEX® CASE STUDY





Innovative retail designers Floreeda Fabrications (London, UK) have unveiled their vision 20|30 via a virtual concept store. The futuristic retail experience is in celebration of Floreeda marking 30 years in business.

Built in Floreeda’s own workshop Innovation Zone, the innovative pop-up shop offers an immersive 360 degree retail experience for designers and brands who have been unable to seek inspiration from the usual retail design and virtual merchandise trade shows over the past 12 months.

Taking inspiration from 1990 when Floreeda was established, transcending to 2020,  the bold concept store takes inspiration from retro references paired with the latest fabrication techniques particularly use of bold illuminated PERSPEX® acrylic colours within the white, grey and red colour scheme.

Paul Jones the Managing Director of Floreeda Fabrications said “Floreeda’s mantra is ‘Create, Innovate, Fabricate’ and that is exactly what we are showcasing with our 20|30 Vision.  In the absence of our usual retail trade shows, we decided to build this concept store and document the process via our Instagram feed during the lockdown periods. We’ve really enjoyed the design process and hope our passion of demonstrating our fabrication techniques and modern design helps to inspire store designers and visual merchandisers to challenge us to revamp their projects.“

The Beauty Lab has been created with clean lines and clinical minimalist feel. The PERSPEX® white colour palette and LED illumination are the key elements in this department.

Footwear is a striking celebration of light and colour. Intricate laser engraved clear PERSPEX® is framed with a vivid red transparent PERSPEX® backdrop and a reeded clear material to distort the light and disturb the senses.  This is the perfect backdrop for the angled shoe podium.

The apparel ‘On Trend’ messaging plays with light and dark with a focus on seasonal trends.

The accessories area takes the retro theme further with a PERSPEX® cassette tape nestled between effective display stands for watches and jewellery.

To experience the vision and immerse yourself in the 360 degree display, visit