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To support the current situation of COVID-19 – 3A COMPOSITES has increased production by 300%

The production of PERSPEX® clear acrylic has been increased by 300% to support the fabrication of hygienic protection walls in UK and Europe.


In response to unprecedented demand due to Covid-19, Perspex International Limited reacted immediately and has increased the production of PERSPEX® clear acrylic to fulfill requirements for protective PERSPEX® acrylic screens across the UK and Europe. 

The installation of hygienic protection screens like in supermarkets or drug stores will reduce the risk of further infections of Covid-19 and protects the heroes of these days who are still working in public areas.

The Operations Director of Perspex International Ltd., Bryan Welch, has explained the situation and changes: “As a UK manufacturer, we believe we have an obligation to meet this demand where possible and therefore we acted immediately to increase production to meet the urgent requirements. Achieving the production volumes required in such a short time period has required the business to quickly implement new manufacturing methods and practical working changes.”

  • Production schedules have been changed to priorities the production of clear PERSPEX® acrylic sheet.
  • Production lines used for bathroom products and coloured products have been repurposed to enable production of clear PERSPEX® acrylic.
  • Shift patterns have been changed to allow for greater production capability.

As a result of the immediate factory changes, production of PERSPEX® clear acrylic sheet has now increased by 300% compared to the same time last month.

PERSPEX® acrylic is one of a number of 3A Composites materials being fabricated and installed across the UK and Europe by acrylic fabrication specialists working closely with national retailers and local small businesses.

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