FOREX®color – CAPSULE™ Hotel, Zurich airport

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On Saturday, February 12th 2022, the time had come - Europe's largest Capsule™ Hotel opened at Zurich Airport. With around 1,100 m² and 144 beds, it makes its guests dream with a unique design concept. For the first time, a Swiss hotel was co-developed with the successful Swiss influencer and nature photographer Fabio Zingg. He designed the hotel's interior with his pictures from the Alps. This creates a unique experience space where travellers from all over the world meet.

FOREX®color – the fine rigid foam sheets made of PVC - were used in the colours black and grey for the interior of the Capsule™ Hotel. The solid-coloured rigid PVC panels show unique flatness and a high level of design appearance due to their consistent colour fidelity. In addition to the high rigidity of the material, another advantage was the simple mechanical processing, which was done by Werkstätte Liechtblick.

Further materials from 3A Composites were used for the construction of the Capsule™ Hotel – ALUCORE® was used in a thickness of 20 mm for the capsules and in 10 mm for the partition walls of the technical modules. The side walls of the capsules were cladded with ALUCOBOND® naturAL Reflect in the shiny mirrored surface.


Capsule™ Hotel - Hotel business with a future

Capsule™ Hotels are a low-cost alternative to hotel rooms. They are primarily aimed at solo travellers, but offer significantly more privacy than hostels and youth hostels. They also offer the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a specially designed infrastructure (coworking space, café, wellness, etc.). Technological tools optimise the customer experience while enabling cost-efficient operation.


Capsule™ Hotel | Werkstätte Liechtblick | Photo credit: Lisanne Vreeke