Join us on our sustainable mission!

Dettagli sulle notizie 3A Composites GmbH

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our corporate ecological commitment is summed up by the MISSION: TOGETHER. RESPONSIBLE. As we also apply and comply with this mission in regard to our products, we have created a classification system. The five different categories in our FIVE-DOT-MISSION system indicate the factors with the greatest impact on sustainability. Our intention is to offer our partners guidance with their purchasing decision-making and to provide a transparent system. A system which focuses  on the use of materials, the CO2 content, the product life cycle and, of course, recycling, a topic of particular relevance for our products.

Our FIVE-DOT-MISSION makes an assessment of a product on the basis of five categories  and awards points per category, the product is then assigned to one of the five coloured DOTs. By this means we achieve a transparent, quick valuation logic which we can also use to gauge product innovation and improvement at 3A Composites.

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