PERSPEX® Frost domitaes at Oscar’s bar, Prague

Dettagli sulle notizie 3A Composites GmbH

The Oscar’s bar in Prague, which is a part of the Vienna House Andel’s Prague hotel, has undergone a complete renovation. The interior design was completed by the Jestico+Whiles architectural studio, the studio that was behind the original design of the hotel, which opened in 2002.

The chief architect of the project Dominika Rošetzká describes the main idea of the design: “The assignment from the client was to come up with an original design that attracts people from outdoors. That's why I set out to create a bold design based on concrete, wood and acrylic elements.”

"The chosen colour scheme is based on a typical combination for the Oscar's concept of bars anywhere in Europe (distinctive red, blue and black). The main eye-catcher is the long coloured ceiling above the bar, which we created with the technical help of Studio Fabrik8”, adds the architect.

Dettagli sulle notizie 3A Composites GmbH

When choosing a suitable material for the ceiling, the choice fell on pastel colours of PERSPEX®acrylic sheets with a two-side matt surface in 3 mm thickness. A combination of PERSPEX®Frost shades was used:

•    PERSPEX® Frost S2 4T50 Chilli Red
•    PERSPEX® Frost S2 6T21 Glacier Green
•    PERSPEX® Frost S2 4T46 Blush Pink
•    PERSPEX® Frost S2 7T77 Arctic Blue

The light scattering was ensured by narrow stripes made of PERSPEX® Spectrum LED 1TL1 Opal with a thickness of 3 mm. Bold light elements from PERSPEX® acrylic were created by Studio Fabrik8, which has many years of experience working with our material.

PERSPEX® sheets were also used for the illuminated, sophisticated logo, which was made by bringing together PERSPEX® Clear and transparent PERSPEX® Red 4401.


Dettagli sulle notizie 3A Composites GmbH

If you are looking for a material to creatively manage light and achieve a whole range of stunning effects, PERSPEX® acrylic is the perfect match. Get inspired by taking a look at more case studies which harness the creative potential of PERSPEX® acrylic.

*Photocredit: Alex Shoots Buildings