ANZ Signage – Corporate colour consistency

Dettagli sulle notizie 3A Composites GmbH

Intro: National bank rollout new signage

Client: ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited)

Designer: Adherettes

Distributor: Mitchell Plastics (authorised Australian and New Zealand distributor for PERSPEX® acrylic).

Products Used: PERSPEX® Solid & Translucent Colours Blue 7488, 7487 & 7T4J, PERSPEX® Spectrum LED Opal 1TL2

Year: 2017

Fourth largest bank in Australia, ANZ, have revamped their corporate signage with PERSPEX® acrylic. The bank selected Adherettes to design, specify, fabricate and install their new look branch network signage, with the priority to find an exact colour match to their corporate Pantone® colours. This is where the PERSPEX® brand colour matching service comes in…

Dettagli sulle notizie 3A Composites GmbH

With the new ANZ branding featured both internally and externally, the signage is exposed to two different lighting temperatures, i.e. natural day light and artificial light systems; allowing for risk of metamerism. Colourists refer to this term as two identically coloured items which can appear very different shades under diverse light sources.  Our PERSPEX® Colour Experts work with companies to reduce this effect through developing PERSPEX® acrylic colour formulas.  

The ANZ logo made using PERSPEX® acrylic is featured prominently from the outside of the building; in the windows, on the exterior wall and presented on a large illuminated under-canopy banner outside the entrance. PERSPEX® acrylic is ideal for exterior signage due to its outstanding weatherability and colour stability properties and comes with a PERSPEX® Acrylic 10 Year Guarantee.

Dettagli sulle notizie 3A Composites GmbH
Dettagli sulle notizie 3A Composites GmbH

On the inside, both directional and informational signage has been fabricated from PERSPEX® acrylic using different techniques; laser cut flat letters, backlit built-up lettering and sheet clad to the walls which frame the ATM machines. PERSPEX® acrylic is food contact approved, meaning the sheet is free from any harmful metals and provides a hygienic surface material, ideal for applications which experience large amounts of consumer impressions each day.

Now that ANZ have their unique PERSPEX® acrylic colour matched grades, they will find excellent colour consistency from batch to batch in all future orders for their national brand upgrade rollout.

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