New Product versions for our extruded acrylic sheet materials

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Let's welcome our new product range made from recycled PMMA.

Our AKRYLON®️re, CRYLON®️re and PERSPEX®️ XT re extruded acrylic sheets comprising at least 95 % recycled material from PMMA sheet waste.

Available in clear transparent as well as in black and white opaque versions - the range comes in a range of different thicknesses and offers the same outstanding properties as extruded acrylic sheets manufactured conventionally.

By using recycled PMMA in the production, the amount of new materials required can be significantly reduced. This makes a valuable contribution to lowering CO2 emissions and avoiding waste.


  • Lighter than glass
  • Good optical properties
  • Very good resistance to weathering and ageing
  • Easy to process
  • For a wide range of interior and exterior applications

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