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Prodotti trovati



The mirrored exhibition stand for the company Blickfeld


The mirrored exhibition stand for the company Blickfeld

The mirrored exhibition stand for the company Blickfeld at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas focused on a back wall made from sequenced folded DIBOND®mirror elements. The project was realised by Vorhammer Computational Design in collaboration with Atelier Grande.

The Munich based company Blickfeld made their first ever appearance at CES with their own stand, located in the Smart City sector, in 2020. The focus of the booth was, due to limited resources and space availability, on creating and designing a central back wall. The individually folded DIBOND®mirror elements took up the core functional principle of a lidar-scanner by Blickfeld and reinterpreted the company’s corporate design.

Each DIBOND®mirror panel was aligned to an individual point along an imaginary line at eye level. When viewers moved along this line, they saw themselves in a particular sequence depending on the direction of their movement. The sequencing of the reflections in rows, columns, and the bundling on a point was borrowed from the scanning procedure of the MEMS lidar technology, letting the visitor experience the company’s core technology playfully. All 220 elements were folded from flat DIBOND®mirror aluminium composite panels. The “focal points” of the surfaces required individual cuts for all elements. The high-precision CNC production and systematic labeling of the substructure and all individual segments made the creation of plans superfluous, as each part only fit in a certain orientation and in one place. The assembly without visible fixings was reversible and could be carried out error-free within 48 hours by the team of Blickfeld.

The material DIBOND®mirror was the best choice to realise such an effect due to its outstanding properties. The panels are unbreakable and offer a weight reduction of up to 50% compared with conventional glass mirrors. Additionally, DIBOND®mirror creates more light, space and transparency in interiors and it is an appealing material option for interior design in spaces which appear small or cramped (shops, hotels, bars and other leisure facilities). It is also ideal for trade fair design and for applications in public spaces (for instance sport stadiums) where safety takes precedence.

©Images: Blickfeld / Johannes Thein