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Il produttore leader di materiali per pannelli nel settore della comunicazione visiva.
Funzione trovaprodotto
Funzione trovaprodotto
  • Lavori creativi
  • Illuminazioni decorative
  • Stampa digitale
  • Display (POS / POP)
  • Stand fieristici
  • Costruzione di mobili
  • Vetrate / Illuminazione di soffitti
  • Architettura d'interni
  • Lettera
  • Pareti divisorie / Rivestimenti
  • Serigrafia
  • Arredamento di negozi
  • Insegne
  • Chiarezza
  • Lavorazione facile
  • Estesa gamma di superfici
  • Difficilmente infiammabile
  • Per uso alimentare
  • Plasmabilità
  • Grado di brillantezza
  • Resistenza agli agenti atmosferici
  • Resistenza agli urti
  • Trasparenza
  • Peso ridotto
  • Rigidità
  • Resistenza ai raggi UV
  • Estesa gamma di temperature d'uso
  • Acrilico (PMMA)
  • Alluminio composito
  • Carta
  • PET
  • Policarbonato
  • PVC
  • Stirene
Prodotti trovati



As the market-leading supplier of sheet material, 3A Composites offers a unique variety of branded products. The core markets include direct-to-substrate digital printing and screen printing, exhibition, shop and furniture design, signage as well as POS/POP applications.


At this year’s FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin, 3A Composites presents the well-known printing
substrates Dispa (100% paper board), Dibond (aluminium composite panel), Smart-x (lightweight, all
plastic polystyrene sheet), Forex (rigid PVC foam sheets), Kapa (lightweight foam boards with a
polyurethane foam core), Crylux (cast acrylic sheets) and Lumex (APET and PET-G thermoplastic polyester
sheets). Integrated in the booth construction, the company shows with attractive graphics the versatile use of the sheet materials. Thereby the perfect interaction between digital printing and processing is the priority. The above mentioned substrates are being digitally printed and contour-milled respectively cutted.

The main focus is on Dispa. Dispa lives up to everything you would expect from a sign and display board – flat, smooth surface, excellent printability, rigidity and stability – and a unique design made of 100% paper and so Dispa is fully recyclable. The unique structure of embossed formed paper which gives the sheet its strength and rigidity makes Dispa the perfect solution for short term promotional campaigns.

Samples as well as additional information for all products will be available at the 3A Composites booth