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Sélecteur de Produits
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Produits trouvés


3A Composites at the K Show 2019

3A Composites has been a part of the global trade fair for plastics and rubber in Dusseldorf.


K Show 2019, known as the leading global trade fair for plastics and rubber, took place in Dusseldorf from 16 to 23 October 2019.
3A Composites exhibited at the K Show 2019 and presented its sales units Display and Transport & Industry with their well-known brands. Visible from the far end of the area 3A Composites’ booth attracted a high number of visitors from Germany and abroad.
The concept behind the booth construction was to mainly use materials produced within the 3A Composites facilities and to show the variety and strength of the product portfolio including Polycasa, Perspex International and Athlone Extrusions. With four specific column walls 3A Composites presented information about their specific Display and Transport & Industry product offering, the impressive acrylic range, suitable materials for Light & Illumination, various certificates, the best products for thermoforming as well as their specialities like LUMEX® and HIPEX® in 0.5 mm thickness.

Taking up the largest and mostly highlighted part of the booth, its back wall was built from hundreds of pieces of all different types of PERSPEX® acrylic representing its wide collection of colours, effects and textures. Over hundreds PERSPEX® acrylic sheets were cut and glued to create one masterpiece making the booth an interactive source of information about the brand and its application areas.

You had not the occasion to visit the K Show 2019, but would like to get more information about our well-known brands? Please send us a message and our sales team will contact you.

Photos: ©Philip Kistner Fotografie |