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Press release FESPA 2017

3A Composites GmbH | Polycasa, Halle B7, Stand D40


As the market-leading supplier of sheet material, 3A Composites offers a unique variety of branded products such as Dibond, Forex, Smart-x, Kapa, Dispa and Foamalite along with the Polycasa product range. The core markets include direct-to-substrate digital printing and screen printing, exhibition, shop and furniture design, signage as well as POS/POP applications.

At this year’s FESPA in Hamburg the company presents itself at the booth together with eurolaser, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CO² laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking. On the new laser cutter XL-1600, the different printing substrates of 3A Composites will be lasered, cut and routed in a live demonstration on site. All lasered 3AC products have a certificate available which documents the easy and perfect laser processing.

Besides the laser live demonstration, the focus will be on the product Dispa.

Dispa delivers everything you would expect from a sign and display board: flat, smooth surface, excellent printability, rigidity and stability. On top comes a unique, fully recyclable design made from 100% paper. Dispa is ideal for printing, easy to shape with die and knife cutting and makes a perfect substrate for mounting or lamination using standard adhesives for maximum in-store impact.

Samples as well as additional information for all product news will be available at the 3A Composites | Polycasa booth D40, hall B7. The booth construction per se shows with attractive graphics the versatile use of the printed and processed sheet materials - convince yourself!

About 3A Composites GmbH
3A Composites GmbH is part of the international 3A Composites Group. The group belongs to the listed company Schweiter Technologies headquartered in Horgen, Switzerland. 3A Composites, formerly known as Alcan Composites, is an independent division of Schweiter Technologies since December 1st, 2009 and has approximately 4’700 employees worldwide. In addition to the above mentioned market segments, 3A Composites focuses on wind energy and the marine market with their trademarks Airex and Baltek.

Media relations
3A Composites GmbH
Alusingenplatz 1, 78224 Singen, Germany
Email: display.eu@remove-this.3AComposites.com
If you wish to have further product information, don’t hesitate to contact us at: