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Investing into a future-oriented production



Darwen (UK), September 28th, 2021 – Perspex International Ltd. and 3A Composites, Europe’s leading manufacturers of acrylic sheets and composites, announcing together the investment in a new, modern and energy-efficient production site as well as enhanced R&D and innovation facilities at Perspex International’s Chapels Park site.

Perspex International Ltd. has been a member of 3A Composites since 2019, an independent division of Swiss based Schweiter Technologies AG. After first steps of integration have been completed, today the next step forward can be announced. Perspex International currently manufactures acrylic sheets, which are marketed under the brand names PERSPEX® for clear and colourful sheets and ASTERITE® for sanitary ware sheets. Operations are at three sites in the Darwen area. The Chapels Park site will be expanded by a completely new cast sheet and composites plant next to the existing facilities. The new production plant will be on the cutting edge of polymerisation technology and will comply with latest environmental standards, ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly production processes. Moreover, it will have a very low environmental impact on both water and energy consumption and enables the manufacture of sheets from 100% recycled monomer to meet the increasing demand for sustainable products. The building of the new production facilities will start in 2022 with target completion of December 2023, including new offices and Research & Development centre. 

With the new production plant, Perspex International not only has the ability to introduce a fully recycled product but is also able to enlarge the product portfolio, offer shorter lead times, smaller batches for prototyping and specialties as well as an improved cut-to-size service. Perspex International will obviously continue with offering high quality products, service and technical advice. Known as colour experts in the market, the in-house colour lab can match almost any colour or create new bespoke hues tailored to individual requirements.

„At Perspex International we are delighted with the new investment in our business. This investment will enhance our product offering to our customers and, at the same time, will give us the lowest possible environmental impact at our operations in Darwen.” said Bryan Welch, Operations Director of Perspex International Ltd.

Investing into a future-oriented production site marks a further milestone in the history of the well-known PERSPEX® brand. The building of the new plant is part of an extensive investment program within the 3A Composites Group.