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Reflective DIBOND® surfaces have specular reflection properties similar to those of a conventional glass mirror – but they are unbreakable and the panels offer a weight reduction of up to 50%. DIBOND®mirror creates more light, space and transparency in interiors and it is an appealing material option for interior design in spaces which appear small or cramped (shops, hotels, bars and other leisure facilities). It is also ideal for trade fair design and for applications in public spaces (for instance sport stadiums) where safety takes precedence.

Since direct digital printing or laser engraving are all possible with DIBOND®mirror, it is also an ideal substrate for advertising messages. However, care should be taken in case of printing to use suitable ink systems and to comply with certain parameters. We recommend pre-testing the adhesion and drying of the type of ink selected for use. Wearing suitable gloves at work is essential to avoid leaving fingerprints.

DIBOND®mirror offers almost all the same processing qualities as standard DIBOND®, with the exception of some folding or bending options. DIBOND®mirror compares favourably to acrylic mirror panels because the surface of the mirror does not flake off during cutting. Another important feature is that DIBOND®mirror is less sensitive to mechanical constraints and much safer and easier to mount than glass, which has a high risk of breakage, or mirror products made of acrylic, which can warp at fixture points.

The mirrored effect is available in gold and anthracite and in a special variant for exterior applications.




Available upon request.

Surface front sideSurface reverse sideThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
Mirror "interior"Mill finish312503050
Mirror "exterior"Mill finish312502500
Mirror "interior"Mill finish31250upon request
Mirror gold
Mirror anthracite
Mirror "exterior"Mill finish3 / 41250upon request

All formats are standard formats ex works. Other thicknesses and formats are available upon request.
The colours visualised may vary from the original. To ensure exact colour matching please ask for a colour sample.