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When looks really matter, acrylic glass (PMMA) is the perfect choice due to its high transparency, durability and UV stability.

CRYLUX® is an acrylic sheet material which comes into its own when visual impact is key. It is made of cast polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and is perfect for a range of purposes: for corporate signage, shopfitting, the building industry or individual pieces of furniture. The product’s perfect transparency is ideal for display applications and visual communication as it comes not only in clear transparent but also in lively, vibrant colour shades. Thanks to easy processing options using most standard processing techniques, it offers great scope for appealing design aesthetics.

The colour spectrum includes special gloss grades (CRYLUX® Argenta), luminous, fluorescent colours (CRYLUX® Neon) and anti reflective matt surfaces (CRYLUX® Design). In addition, there are several product versions tailored to suit the specific requirements of individual applications: CRYLUX® UVP (extra ultraviolet protection) provides especially good protection against UV radiation, CRYLUX® UVT is transparent for UV-A rays (ultraviolet transmitting) as well as partially for UV-B rays, CRYLUX® Beauté with enhanced chemical resistance, CRYLUX® Anti‑Bacteria with antimicrobial and fungicidal protection and CRYLUX® Lumina, Optima and Vision, which are specially designed for use with LED lighting or as a projection screen.


Product range

CRYLUX® Acrylic Sheet


The product line CRYLUX® & COLOURS offers a wide range of different surfaces and colours for sophisticated design applications, which attract attention and thereby create a feeling of spaciousness.
Special features, such as the light transmission, high brilliancy, low weight or the good processing characteristics offer a lot of scope for crearivity.
The application field of CRYLUX® & COLOURS includes booth construction, interior design, promotion, high-quality shop fitting, furniture and luxurious POS/POP displays, among others.


The product line CRYLUX® & LIGHT is the optimal tool for the field of visual communication. The materials can stand and shine alone or they can be the perfect support to highlight your brand and make it stand out from the crowd.
Innovative characteristics, such as an uniform light diffusion and exact projection techniques, underline the excellent conditions for the development of new designs.
In the fields of decoration, lighting and advertising the product line CRYLUX® & LIGHT can be used particularly with the excellent combination of LED technology and to create stand-alone corporate letters with individual lighting.


The product range CRYLUX® & PROTECT provides optimal conditions for upgrading the materials and making them suitable for applications in extreme environments or for use in places where stringent hygiene standards must be met.
Application vary from laboratories, gyms, spas, sanitary facilities or cosmetic displays. Thanks to the special features of the UV radiation protection and the UV filter CRYLUX® & PROTECT is perfectly suitable for use particularly in museums and solariums.
The final product can be customised to every need, in terms of colour (from transparent to opaque) and surface finish (different smooth or matt surfaces).