• Corporate Identity
  • Creative work
  • Creative work
  • Decorative lighting
  • Digital printing
  • Displays (POS / POP)
  • Displays (POS/POP)
  • Exhibition design
  • Exhibition design
  • Furniture
  • Glazing | roof lights
  • Interior design
  • Lettering
  • Partitions | cladding
  • Screen printing
  • Shop design | shop fitting
  • Shop design | Shop window decoration
  • Short-term promotional campaigns
  • Signage
  • Signage | Lettering
  • Clarity
  • Easy to process
  • Extensive colour range
  • External short-term (<1 Year)
  • Fire resistance
  • Food contact approved
  • Formability
  • FSC certified
  • Gloss level
  • Hard wearing / weather resistant
  • Impact resistance
  • Interior
  • Light transmission
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Stiffness / rigidity
  • UV resistant
  • Wide service temperature
  • Acryl glass (PMMA)
  • Aluminium composite
  • Paper
  • Paper boards
  • PET
  • Polycarbonat
  • PVC
  • Styrenics
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3A Composites relies on sustainability and environmental protection

Sustainability and recycling are the primary topics that will determine our future. Businesses are looking for renewable resources and materials that are both recycled and have minimal environmental impact. The challenge is to maintain certain qualities in the resulting materials, such as fire classifications, processing capabilities and the customer’s expectations with regard to functionality and design. Added to this is the need to use a minimum of energy and resources in reclaiming raw materials and delivering them to material manufacturers.

Greater environmental awareness, sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly important topics in advertising, retail and visual communication and are becoming essential criteria in purchase decisions.

Composites and plastics play a vital role in our modern world. There are many areas where these materials have created substantial added value. The plastics and composite sheets we produce are used by our customers for long periods of time – DIBOND® sheets, for example, up to 20 years. These materials actively help to save resources by acting as longer-term alternatives to short-term products.

To avoid waste, there are already recycling solutions for many of our products, e.g. DISPA®, which is made from 100% FSC®-certified paper (FSC® C127595) and can be recycled as waste paper. Our aluminium composites are separated by recycling companies and can therefore be recycled according to their material type and also be reused. This also means that polyethylene and aluminium can be recycled to produce new aluminium composite panels. A-PET sheets are already made of a high percentage of recycled PET and can also be recylced and reused at the end of their lifetime.

3A Composites is a member of several associations that actively promote recycling solutions for aluminium composites and plastics. With regard to acrylic glass recycling, 3A Composites is a member of the advisory board of the MMAtwo project. The most important targets of this project are: to create a circular economy for acrylic glass, to develop a more eco-friendly and innovative recycling concept without the use of lead and to avoid downcycling (www.mmatwo.eu).

Along with the need for environmental sustainability and recycling concepts, the demand for a company‘s social, ecological and economical involvement is increasing.

Sustainable commitment and the associated area of environmental protection are amongst the essential corporate objectives at 3A Composites. The minimisation of risks for humans and the environment as well as the reduction of the environmental footprint through careful and efficient use of resources is part of the corporate philosophy.

As a global company, we are aware of our responsibility and we take all three levels of sustainable action seriously: the environment, society and the economy.

The fields of action we have outlined here represent an important part of our efforts to meet the need for sustainability and eco-friendliness. Ethically correct behaviour towards humans and the environment has become a fundamental requirement for businesses, and we are very much aware of this responsibility!

Sustainability at Schweiter Technologies

Schweiter Technologies with its 3A Composites business stands for a sustainable future. The corporation thus aims at a holistic sustainability strategy. More information