The main processing possibilities of SMART-X® are definitely all mounting and printing techniques used for diverse applications such as signage, event marketing and product presentation. The lightweight full plastic sheet material is usable up to 2 years outside and offers a variety of processing possibilities.

The bright white, homogeneous and UV-stabilized polystyrene provide an ideal printing substrate and very good ink adhesion – even when used outside for 2 years. SMART-X® is completely moisture-resistant and can be used up to 70 °C. Wear cotton gloves when handling unprinted sheets and wipe the sheets dry after having used liquid cleaning agents. Use ionized air to blow loose debris off SMART-X® sheets prior to printing.

The surfaces of SMART-X® sheets are ideally suited to the application of lettering films and vinyl graphics. In order to choose the right film for the purpose, the location (indoor or outdoor use), the desired period of use (durability) of the film, the type of bond (permanent or removable) and the processability of the film (printing, weeding) need to be taken into account.

SMART-X® can be sawed with standard horizontal and vertical panel saws. Sharp blades with adequate tooth geometry are essential in order to avoid crumbling and tearing on the edges. SMART-X® can also be cut with jig saws, scroll saws, profile miller, surface milling cutters, water jet cutting machines or CNC machining centres.

Commercially available adhesives for polystyrene (e.g. model making glue like UHU-Plast) are best for bonding the surfaces and edges of SMART-X® cuts. In addition, SMART-X® can be bonded to entirely different materials with high performance adhesive tapes (VHB™ products).

Processing tests done by eurolaser in Lüneburg, Germany, show outstanding results for laser cutting of SMART-X® (download certificate).
For perfect results and clean edges we recommend a system configuration with a eurolaser cutting system of 200 Watt.
Thanks to the precise and automated processing possibilites of SMART-X®, new applications open up in the field of signage, shop decoration and 3D lettering.


Direct-to-substrate digital printing Application of adhesive films Painting

Sawing Contour cutting, contour milling Adhesive Bonding

laser cutting