KAPA®color features two coloured cell carton surfaces with a primer finish on top. The bi-colour cover layers (grey/black-changeable) make KAPA®color the ideal product for presentations. Moreover various shapes and forms can be produced out of KAPA®color with standard punching machines.

At a glance:

  • Ideal substrate for all creative work
  • Modelling and presentation board (also available in bi-colour versions).
  • Homogeneous colour effect of the surfaces
  • Problem-free use of solvent based ink; dispersion paints should be tested because of the plastic-coating
  • Easy processing and excellent cutting characteristics with standard blades
  • Not recommended for laminations and application of vinyl

Standard formats ex works

Colour Grey
and black
Thickness 3 5 3 5
Standard formats (W x L)
500 x 700   * * * 
700 x 1000   *   *
1000 x 1400   *   *

Dimensions are in mm

Cut-to-size formats are available from your local KAPA® distributor.