KAPA® - Customized for your application

For 40 years now KAPA® is synonymous for lightweight foam boards with a polyurethane foam core. The KAPA® foaming technology is globally unique. The KAPA® product portfolio includes individual paper-based cover layers and applications range from model building to substrate for printing and advertising messages.

KAPA® presents service and know-how: our technical services supports with processing possibilities and technical advice. Together with our authorized distribution partners we offer free workshops to our customers.

KAPA® is a high performance foam board with

  • Usable surfaces on both sides
  • High quality cover sheet layers
  • Excellent level of stiffness and good dimensional stability
  • Perfect flatness - even with thin boards

Polyurethane quality
  • Very high heat resistance (100 °C long term, and 160 °C short term)
  • Problem-free application of solvent based inks and glues.
  • Easy cutting - manual or with jigsaw
  • No crumbling of the foam core


KAPA® shows usable surfaces on both sides, high quality cover sheet layers, excellent level of stiffness and is therefore ideal suited for the following application fields:

  • Direct digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Internal signage
  • Photo mounting
  • Model making
  • Presentations
  • Fill-in panel for exhibition and display systems
  • Lightweight structures

Advantages of handling, transportation and installation
  • Excellent level of stiffness and good dimensional stability
  • Easy transportation due to special packaging