HYLITE® is an aluminium composite panel with a polypropylene core and aluminium outer skins. Two different core systems mean our range offers great variety for very different applications.

Compact Core
Panel thicknesses 1.2 mm and 2 mm

HYLITE®, the world’s thinnest composite panel with thicknesses of 1.2 mm and 2 mm, offers another special feature: the panel’s core material can provide a hinge function, which withstands repeated bending without damage. This function is achieved by milling grooves

at the same position into both outer aluminium skins. RWTÜV testing has shown that the hinge application is unimpaired even after 80.000 bends.


Office supply

  • Office articles –article design e.g. high-end CD sleeves, files and books backs etc.
  • Technical manuals for the automobile industry
  • Notebook stands

Other applications

  • Bicycle mudguards
  • High-end packaging
  • Suitcases
  • and so much more


Foamed Core

Panel thicknesses 3 mm and 4 mm

The core material for the 3 mm and 4 mm -panel thicknesses is foamed in a manufacturing process specially developed for this purpose. The result is an ultra-light aluminium composite panel, and the only cutback is in weight: HYLITE® in 3 mm and 4 mm thicknesses is up to 80% lighter than conventional steel sheets or up to 60% lighter than aluminium sheets yet provides the same flexural rigidity.

The foamed core panel features other superlative technical properties. Major advantages include dimensional stability at high temperatures and excellent digital printing results, due to the high quality aluminium strips used in the production process.



Industry / Transport

  • Interior / exterior cladding for commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, mobile homes, caravans, buses, trains
  • Machinery casing

Furniture construction

  • Loudspeaker casings
  • Furniture design

Visual communication

  • Signs / advertising
  • Light boxes