HYLITE® is an aluminium composite panel with aluminium surfaces and a polypropylene core. The panel is available with a protective film on both sides. HYLITE® offers a wide range of processing possibilities, for example the ability to achieve various surface effects through powder coating as HYLITE® is resistant to temperatures up to 150 °C. 




A worldwide unrivalled feature is the polypropylene core which can be used as a hinge (tested by RWTÜV). HYLITE® is mainly used for industrial applications as well as for office supply, folders, CD sleeves or laptop holders.




HYLITE® is three-dimensionally deformable, temperature resistant, stable and rigid, also offering many application possibilities due to the hinge effect.

  • Office Supply
  • High quality CD sleeves
  • Folders
  • Laptop holders
  • Light box
  • Furniture design

Advantages at a glance
  • Ideal material-weight ratio: (65% lighter than conventional solid steel resp. 30% lighter than solid aluminium, providing the same flexural strength. Easy handling possible.
  • Dimensional stability at temperatures of up to 150°C which allows powder coating (with low temperature lacquer systems) in order to achieve various surface effects.
  • HYLITE® provides similar properties as aluminium and can be processed equally using the same kind of machines.
  • The HYLITE® core can be used as a hinge (tested by RWTÜV).
  • HYLITE® can be easily recycled. By means of cryogenic milling the two components aluminium and plastic can be separated and reused.
  • HYLITE® is three dimensionally processable.