Handling & Installation


GATORFOAM® boards are carefully packed in special corrugated cardboard boxes. The boxes are marked with detailed instructions on proper handling of GATORFOAM® - in particular with regard to the edges, which can be sensitive to impacts and bumps.


Carrying small format GATORFOAM® boxes is easily doable. For safety reasons, we recommend that large format boxes are always moved by two persons. Special transport aids, either integrated in the boxes or available as accessories, are available from Alcan Kapa. When using forklift trucks, always set the forks wide apart and apply extra diligence when passing through gates and doorways.

Unpacking boards

Boxes should always be opened carefully. Clean hands during unpacking as well as during processing of the boards are important in order to keep the surfaces clean. The easiest way to achieve this is by wearing white cotton gloves which helps to avoid any grip marks and prevents the surfaces from grease and dirt.


GATORFOAM® boards should always be stored at a dry place, protected from coldness and preferably flat. Prior to use, it is recommended that the boards are acclimatised to workroom conditions. This is especially important before direct printing and mounting jobs.

Disposal of cuts

You may also dispose of your GATORFOAM® cut-offs as normal household waste.

TIPP: Even very small oddments can be used as distance pieces, keys or spatula