GATORFOAM® is an ideal material for signage, sales displays as well as for 3D applications due to its high level of stiffness, flatness as well as the wide range of thicknesses up to 25 mm. The bright white surface provides excellent printing results and a high colour quality.

GATORFOAM® is a standard material used for screen printing applications. The material is also applicable with UV curing inks. It is also ideal for direct-to-substrate digital printing. Due to its bright white, flat and homogeneous surfaces, GATORFOAM® provides excellent printing results with a very high image quality and vibrant colours. The laminated sandwich construction provides excellent stiffness, especially with very thick panels. All these product characteristics combined with its excellent ink adhesion make GATORFOAM® perfect for large format flatbed printing.

Printed papers, images, foils and fabrics can be mounted on GATORFOAM® by using the according types of adhesives with standard mounting equipment.

GATORFOAM® can be cut or sawed with standard machinery which is used for the processing of wood, such as band saws, circular saws, pendulum fret saws, water torches or routing machines as well as jig saws.

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