The reflective DIBOND® surface for the display area boasts similar reflective attributes to a conventional glass mirror – but it does not break and it only weighs about half as much. DIBOND®mirror creates more light and reflection transparency indoors and is therefore the first choice in the interior designs of shops, hotels, bars and other places of leisure. It is also popular in the area of trade fair design and for applications in public buildings where safety takes precedence. Thanks to its printability using screen printing and direct digital printing or through laser printing, DIBOND®mirror can also be optimally used to carry advertising messages. In terms of its processing, DIBOND®mirror boasts almost the same qualities as the standard DIBOND®; it only allows for limited folding or bending, however. DIBOND®mirror picks up points when it is compared with mirrors which are made out of plastic because the surface of the mirror does not flake off when it is cut to size. In terms of its mounting, it is noteworthy that DIBOND®mirror is less sensitive to pressure than glass, which often shatters when it is tightly mounted, and that it is also less sensitive than them, which often warp at their fastening points or to temperature change that often results in acrylic mirrors distorting. DIBOND®mirror is available in standard mirror as well as in the variants gold and anthracite.

At a glance:

  • Similar reflective quality to a conventional glass mirror
  • Break resistant and low weight advantages in terms of handling, transport and installation
  • Surface of mirror does not flake off during cutting
  • Less sensitive to pressure than glass or acrylic: problem- free mounting without warping
  • More resistant to temperature changes reducing distortion
  • Highly printable using screen or digital printing
  • Different product versions for internal and external uses

Standard formats ex works

Thickness 3 4
Standard formats (W x L)
1250 x 2500 * *
1250 x 3050 * *
1250 x 4050 * *

Dimensions are in mm

Cut-to-size formats are available from your local DIBOND®distributor.