DIBOND®digital is the first aluminium composite material with a lacquer system that is optimised for direct to substrate digital printing. The surface of the new DIBOND®digital provides enhanced ink adhesion for UV-curing and solvent based inks. The combination of both the enhanced ink adhesion and the extreme flatness of the panel make it not only possible to be printed with very fine structures and lines when printing but also allow an increased printing speed. In fact, in its cross hatch test the result achieved in various printing tests at printing machine manufacturers was an impressive 0. The thickness tolerance of only 0.2 mm allow a very small clearance between panel and the print heads. DIBOND®digital is furthermore UV-resistant and can be used with temperatures up to 80 °C resulting in two remarkable advantages: first, the UV lamps would not cause any distortion and second, the material can be used outside being resistant to any temperature changes. Therefore DIBOND®digital is widely specified for both internal and external signs in advertising campaigns, exhibitions and event marketing, photomounting as well as for hoardings and where ever there is the need for high quality imaging and long service life. Compared to standard DIBOND®, DIBOND®digital comes with 0.2 mm aluminium layers making it ideal for plane applications. For large size signage and complex processing (e. g. folding techniques) we recommend to use DIBOND® with 0.3 mm aluminium layers. Otherwise DIBOND®digital can be processed just as standard DIBOND®.

At a glance:

  • 0.2 mm aluminium layers
  • New lacquer system with enhanced ink adhesion optimised for direct to substrate digital printing
  • Increased printing speed possible
  • UV- resistant and resistant to temperature changes between -50 °C up to +80 °C – perfect for outside use
  • Perfect printing results – Cross Hatch Test = 0
  • Extremely flat, strong and rigid


Standard formats ex works

Thickness 2 3
Standard formats (W x L)
1250 x 2500 * *
1500 x 3050 * *

Dimensions are in mm

Cut-to-size formats are available from your local DIBOND®distributor.