The attractive and unique brushed appearance of BUTLERFINISH® is produced by running the cover plate through rollers that emboss the surface to give a brushed aluminium effect. To protect the surface, the coil is then stove enamelled with a clear lacquer, this allows the brushed aluminium effect to remain visible, but ensures no degradation of the surface. This vibrant effect finds its natural home in areas such as shop fitting, in-store design, furniture construction, high quality PoS / PoP applications and signage applications. Whether for interior or exterior use, its ability to be used in either 2D or 3D, as well as a wide range of processing possibilities such as, rolling, routing, bending and bevelling, means that DIBOND® becomes the perfect substrate for those creating new designs. The brushed aluminium effect is complimented by gold, stainless steel and copper versions.

At a glance:

  • Embossed brushed effect
  • Characteristic structure
  • Excellent results with screen printing and direct digital printing
  • Clearly varnished surface (pigmented varnishes have a reduced UV resistance)
  • Optimum processing parameters



Standard formats ex works

Thickness 2 3 4
Standard formats (W x L)
1250 x 2500 * * *
1250 x 3050 * * *
1250 x 4050 * * *
1500 x 2500 * * *
1500 x 3050 * * *
1500 x 4050 * * *

Dimensions are in mm

Cut-to- size formats are available from your local DIBOND®distributor.