At this year’s Fespa, the EDP Award was presented to 3A Composites for the second time. This time, the bio plastic board SMART-X®natura received an award in the category “Best environmental substrate“. The European Digital Press...[more]

At this year’s FESPA in Cologne, 3A Composites has presented DISPA® for the first time. DISPA® is 3A's new display board with a unique embossed paper core. The new brand name is composed of the two words Display and Paper.DISPA®...[more]

April 1st 2015: This week, 3A Composites announced the successful acquisition of the Polycasa Group by its parent company Schweiter Technologies.

Polycasa is one of the leading European manufacturers of transparent plastic...[more]

KAPA®tech is the new and innovative lightweight foamboard of 3A Composites. The pioneering composition of polyurethan foam and aluminium skins combines lightweight with rigidity.[more]

With its black or optionally white surface, DIBOND®structure ensures bright accents.[more]

With this Christmas greeting we would like to wish you good health, luck and aprosperous year 2015.


Over 8,300 independent newsagents across the UK and Ireland have been rebranded in a push to sell more printed copies of The Sun and The Times. In total News UK installed 8,000 internal units, including newspaper display stands,...[more]

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