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In the past few years, discussions regarding hazardous substances have become increasingly intense and developed to a key criterion for customers. A comprehensive restructuring of European chemical policy is being undertaken with the current gradual launch of the REACH regulation. The main objective of the new regulation is the protection of human health and the environment including that all substances must be uniformly evaluated with regard to their risk potential for man and the environment. The abstention from hazardous processes and substances is our highest priority. Our substrates are manufactured from raw materials which do not harm either man or environment. This is confirmed within the REACH regulation.

Another field of action is defined by the production phase - which we try to design as environmentally friendly as possible. Our focus during the production phase lies on the efficient input of resources and the minimization of waste. The recycling of raw materials during the production process as well as the re-use of production waste have already been common practice at our production sites for years.


All lacquer recipes used for DIBOND® - standard and special colours - do not contain any heavy metals. This has been tested and approved by an independent institute - an according certificate is available for the whole DIBOND® range. Furthermore, extensive tests with competitive materials have revealed that quite some products from competitiors contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium.

In order to re-use the valuable raw materials aluminium and polyethylene again within the production cycle, the aluminium sheets are completely separated from the PE core in a special technical process.

In addition to the comprehensive recycling on the production level, 3A Composites is the only manufacturer who also offers a recycling concept for DIBOND® post-consumer wastes to the end market.


All sheet materials of the FOREX® product family meet the EU requirements regarding the restriction of hazardous substances. FOREX® does not contain any of the following substances, which are sometimes connected with PVC or PS: lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium (VI), PBB and PBDE. Furthermore, our rigid foam sheets do not contain any formaldehyde, FCKW, silicon or softener.

For a comprehensive recycling of raw materials to the production cycle, all cutting and trimming waste from virgin material is collected. All virgin waste will be re-granulated, and can be fed back into the production process without causing quality losses.


SMART-X® is a mono-material composite made from 100% polystyrene and, therefore, perfectly meets the demand for ecological materials in the area of visual communication. About 95% of the production waste of the SMART-X® production is collected and recycled on-site.


For our KAPA® range of products we exclusively use papers with a SFI, PE FC or FSC certification, which comprise the preservation and improvement of the ecological, social and economic functions of forestry operations. All pulp papers that we utilise are low-chlorine and oxygen bleached. For the majority of papers additives are entirely omitted.

The raw materials used for production do not harm either man or environment. The recycling of raw materials during the production process as well as the re-use of production waste have already been common practice at our production sites for years.


The paper coatings of new FOAM-X® consist of 100 % recycled paper. Combined with its light foam core FOAM-X® results in a product with high resource efficiency.